Weevily Site Awards

Hi Weevils! Here I will be posting polls monthly with different bin weevil sites, you guys get to vote for the winning site! This month I will just pick a site so it’s easier! The weevily awesome site I pick is ‘Weevily World‘ the reason I picked weevily world is because that site inspired me to make my own bin weevils site! (June 2012)



9 Responses to Weevily Site Awards

  1. lukeie says:

    enter lukeies cheat site in the poll when you have one

  2. tyana2005 says:

    Mm.. Okay but first I need to look at it

  3. tyana2005 says:

    Yep, I’ll put it in 🙂

  4. tyana2005 says:

    What do you mean? (I’ve seen your blog it’s really cool)

  5. tyana2005 says:

    Oh yeah sorry I know what you mean! When I have a poll I’ll put bin checkers on it!

  6. hf556 says:


  7. worldofdoshhost says:

    yes weevily world also inspired my site too 🙂

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