The complete room guide

Do you think your rooms are boring? old? too original? 

Well don’t worry! This is the page where I will help you come up with the best themes ever! 

1. Make sure to you know what you’re going to do, check this out:

That sketch turned into this:


Although, that stuff is a little bit advanced, so you don’t really have to do that, it’s just an idea.

2. Give your rooms themes! Don’t have a room that’s a bathroom and a bedroom, or a disco and a laundry- make sure everything matches! You can give your room 2 themes as long as they go together like, a disco and a little kitchen area in it.

3. Spend your  mulch wisely! There’s nothing worse then running out of mulch whiles in the middle of shopping! Also, MAKE SURE you buy the right items! Today I bought work benches instead of shelfs, so be carful! 

4. Don’t be afraid to use your levelling up trophies to put in your rooms, like a gold or diamond trophy might go with a bling nest theme!

5. Add a trophy room, don’t you want all your guests to see all your hard work earn trophies? Why not make a room especially for these, not just levelling up trophies but other trophies too, just like your racing trophies or your SWS mission trophies.

6. Change your rooms often, don’t your friends and guests just get bored when you have the same rooms 5 weeks in a row? Change your rooms often! If you don’t have enough mulch to do this, why not just move items around to make the room look different, but with the same items.

7. Use what you have! Some times, there might be a new theme out, like a disco theme, the shops might not sell a disco ball for the room, if you already have one- why not add it it?

Here are some new rooms that I have created that follow most of the things I have mentioned above: 

Medieval Themed Room, Using things I already had

Medieval Themed Room, Using things I already had!

Display Room Using SWS awards.

I hope these tips get your rooms a better rating!


One Response to The complete room guide

  1. yoshi6601 says:

    This is an epic guide!

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