Secret Codes

Please note:

Codes from Bin Weevils Magazine and PANINI Bin Weevils Trading Cards, are unique and can be used one time only.

We have NO codes for DOSH or SEEDS yet! As soon as we have some, we’ll post them!

Further comments on these subjects will go in the trash.

Also note: All codes on this list are grouped, EG wallpaper, shelf items, posters etc.

If you activate your weevil by going to Dosh’s Palace and enter all  mulch and XP codes on this list you will have approximately  10,500 mulch and be on level 7 with 226 XP to go until level 8. If  you enter all the nest item codes you will have approximately 84 thing to decorate your nest with!

Sometimes codes expire and we don’t notice, if you have found an expired code please leave it down in the comments below!

Bin Weevils Mulch Codes

63 – 1000 Mulch 685 – 1000 Mulch                                                           
MULCHMAG1120- 1000 Mulch
SWSP4KJL47AF – 1000 Mulch
3RED6SCRIBBLES – 500 Mulch
SEA2012 – 500 Mulch
FLIPOUT50 – 50 Mulch


LAB229MULCH3 –  200XP                                                                      8DOODLE3YELLOW – 100XP

Mulch And XP

167HOLIDAY1- 500 Mulch & 30 XP
102BONBON662 – 200 Mulch & 20 XP
167HOLIDAY1- 200 Mulch & 20 XP                 

500SNOWFLAKE1200 – 200 Mulch & 20 XP
TYCOONISLAND6 –200 Mulch & 20 XP

343HATS121 –200 Mulch & 20 XP

 Nest Items To Put On The Floor

19FOOTBALL11 – Bouncy Foot Ball
986SLD3Z7J – Exploding Bell Jar
30DOSHCHAIRS – Mini Dosh’s Palace
SUOGNOMUH – Big Weevils Height Chart
16SCRIBBLES3 – Coconut Torch
48MAGIC10 – Mushroom Stool
SMK422A8T6Y – Filling Cabinet
TOXIC711 – Fish Head C6247
OUTWIT – Whoopee Cushion
FORTUNE219 – Fortune Machine
TOILET2849 – Toilet
7206696115137 –  Book Case
72096115137160 – Book Case                                                                              
MYSTERY3 – Cardboard Chair
SECRET8 – Cardboard Chair
BUNTY65F –  Snappy’s First Camera Replica
BINPET3546 – Wool Ball For Your Bin Pet
Ball321338 – Balloon Blower
BUNTY – Monster Book
2413TINK4132 – Tink Jack In The Box
CLOTT12E – Clott Jack In The Box
300TINK2PET4KEY – Dosh Jack In The Box                                                          
1432BRAINY1312-Lab’s Potion
BIRTHDAY256 – Gam’s Birthday Balloons
CLOTT1296 – Treasure Chest
FRIDAY13TH – Slime Cauldron
MOORYHPORTGong Action figurine nest item.
BOUNCE2012 –  Flip’s Ball, Bin Pet Balls

Nest Item Posters

FLEMMANOR2012  – 2012 New Year Banner
LUCKY2012GREEN – St. Patrick’s Day poster
WW100THANKYOU – Weevil Weekly Poster                                                         
2012HAPPY – New Year Poster
IMAGINE2012BW – SWS Poster
DOODLE242 -Bin Pet Poster
475BOSH10356BLUE – Lady Wawa Poster
GREENEYE11 – Halloween Poster
REDEYE10 – Halloween Poster
BUNNY2012HOP – Scribbles Easter Poster
7RETTILG – Fling Poster
Bunty Poster
FLAM42YELLOW – Zip and Ham poster
RIGG1016TONG905 – Posh Poster

Bin Weevils Magazine Posters

LAB19SLUDGE5RED8 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster #1
9BLUE10FLAG15KIP – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster  #2
DOSH3PINK6GREEN3 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster #3
RIGGRED5HAM7PINK – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster #4
DOSH24KEM10CROWN – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster #5

Nest Items That Go On A Shelf Or Table

6HSINAV – Jumping Scribbles Action Figure
REVOCROFNUR – Lab’s Lab Collectible
MERRY24 – Cookies And Milk
TGZ638J9A4Q – Exploding Birthday Cake
8BLOSSOM26 – Potted Sun Flower
325645 – Ink’s Magnifying Glass Statue
BAFTA543 – BAFTA Trophy
6REWOLF – Flower  Mirror

Nest Items For Walls

2012ROYAL – Jubilee Bunting
TREAT6 – Welcome Sign
BIN4 – Welcome Sign
GIFT9 – Welcome Sign
YUCK2972 – Smelly Sock Chandelier
TINK57BLUE3DOSH7 – Bunty’s Signed Celebrity Star Poster
RUG18MANOR11KIP7 – Bunty’s Back Stage VIP Passes
16STICKER1026 – Scribbles Sticker
MASK785 – Bling Mask
DOSH2APPLE6RED8 – Posh’s Signed Celebrity Star Poster
7GREEN1549FLING9 – Dosh’s Top Hat
FAB17823 – ‘Cave Sweet Cave’ Frame
CLOTT43 – Stained Glass Window
GONG5HEM12POSH4Flip Plaque

Bin Weevils Wallpaper Codes

GOGIRL711 – Hearts Wall Paper
FAW275L9Z3P4 – Bin Pet Wallpaper                                                                      PLANET2012BW – Earth Day Wallpaper
BAFTA879 – BAFTA Waller Paper
BAFTA4BW2011 – Bin Weevils Won BAFTA Waller Paper
ICKY3859 – Slime Wall Paper BW

Bin Weevils Codes for Nest Items & Mulch

CLOTT11106 – Red Sweet Jar & 200 Mulch                                                    DANGERALERT454 –Green Sweet Jar & 200 Mulch                                            3ORANGE14 –  Blue Sweet Jar & 50 Mulch
36PUMPKIN18 – Yellow Sweet Jar & 200 Mulch
29PINK6 – Fire Extinguisher & 200 Mulch                                                                
535EGGS221 – Easter Bunny Nest Item & 200 Mulch
CABDEDOSHADECB – Dancing Dosh Action Figure & 200 Mulch
FABWAVES7 – Message In A Bottle  & 200 Mulch
554OCEAN222 – Pirate Flag & 200 Mulch
866SLEIGH622 –Dosh Sleigh Ornament & 200 Mulch

Nest Items And XP

1342CLEVER3412 –Peculiar Potion & 20 XP
12PURPLE4 –Disappearing Lab Action Figure & 20                                             9COCOABOWS – Cocoa Mug & 25 XP                                                                   POSHCUPCAKE6 – Chocolate Shelf & 10 XP

Mulch, XP and Nest Items

HALL13 – Pumpkin Lantern, 100 Mulch & 13 XP

 Enter these  codes the easy way! Open up Bin Weevils in a another tab or window. Use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste the codes into the Mystery Code Machine. Place your cursor alongside the code, then left click and drag over the code to highlight it.  Now hold down the control (or on a mac command)  key (Ctrl) and press c to copy the code.  To paste the code into the Mystery Code Machine, hold down the control (or on a mac command) key and press v.

All rights reserved by Bin Weevils Ltd.


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