Mulch and XP Tips

This is a guide where I will tell you some of the best ways to earn mulch and XP!

The 1st way would have to be, playing games- just like Konnect Mulch, Squares Tinks Blocks etc.

The 2nd way to earn mulch and XP is by harvesting plants. If you find bubble mushrooms or helicopter swedes try and buy them, they are real money makers! They also give you a lot of XP! 


The 3rd way is, play the daily brain strain every day! It will give you 300+ mulch and around 30 XP! One time, I got about 60 XP and 600 mulch! 



The 4th tip is a mulch tip, complete hunts! There are always some hunts to complete!


Complete Cross Words And Word Searches! 

Soon we will be putting up the answers to them!


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