Do you like to grab attention in the bin? If you do, this is the page for you! Here are all the Bin Weevils glitches, they can make you look really awesome. Remember to play nice and share them with other weevils.

Antenna Twist 

Firstly, buy a hat from ‘Hem’s Hats’, put on the hat and then take it off. Your antenna will be all twisted! Don’t worry, when you move your antenna will go back to normal!

How To Be Invisible (Level 20+)   

You use the double/super jump (circled in purple) and the 1st time you click your weevil the second you click the floor! Try this glitch at LOTS of different places- but instead of leaving yourself to be invisible what you do is use the turn action  (circled in red) and click the floor. If you do that at Flum’s Fountain, Gong’s Pipenest or your garden you will be out of bounds.

How To Get Onto The Chair At Bin Mart

To do this trick all you have to do is stand near the bed in Bin Mart and then keep clicking your shadow, eventually you will end up on a chair! 

Be As Big As Big Weevil

PLEASE NOTE: Put a swirly/lollipop stool at the FRONT of your room, as close to the front of your screen as possible, not at the back or you won’t be as big as you should be!

Be Big At Slime Pool

First stand where the Green Square is (marked with 1) in the picture on the left. Then use the ‘Fast Walk Button’ (it’s circled) and put it where the pink square is (marked with 2) Then, while you’re walking QUICKLY click the rock with the blue rectangle (marked with a 3) If you’ve done this quick enough you’ll be really big!

Be Big At Tink’s Tree or anywhere else.

First goto the shop and buy a lollipop stool:

Image taken from weevily world.

Put the stool anywhere in your room, the middle works best! Next, very quickly click the stool. Before you sit on it very quickly click the map then click Tink’s Tree, or where ever else you want to go. If you chose Tink’s Tree you will eb big when you try and move. If you chose some other place you will be in a random spot.

Be BIG at Flem Manor

Firstly, goto your nest and click on ‘my news.’ On special occasions, hunts or special rooms can be in the Flem Manir library (for example the Septimus Heap Quest). When this is on the my news, it will say Flem Manor library in the paragraph (shown in the picture below) click it. After that go out of the library and click on the floor numerous times. Eventually, you’ll walk foward and be big!

Image taken from Weevily World!


How to level up anywhere

Firstly, goto the place where you want to level up, many weevils chose flums but it works everywhere else to! Next, go back to your nest. As soon as you are there and you hear that celebrity sound, quickly click the map and click where you already went before you were about to level. Then, MAGIC! You will be leveling there!

All rights reserved to Bin Weevils Ltd.

3 Responses to Glitches

  1. Scribbles2222 says:

    I have a glitch for you to use!

    Its called be out of bounds at flums fountain

    All you do is turn invisible at flums fountain. Next you have to use the action you use to turn around on the ground two or three times then click the camera and try to find your weevil!

  2. Luckypup says:

    HI SAY HELLO TYANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HALOWEN

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