Garden Guide

Welcome to the garden page. This page has many features such as: Growing Beautiful Gardens, Top Garden Tips, Growing Out Of Control and more.

Top Garden Tips:

1. Choose your plants carefully. For example, some plants, such as the Death Cap rewards you with lots of XP but what you pay for it is more then you get back. 

2. Harvest your plants straight away, or water them. Never let your plants live longer then their living time. Doing this will result in your plants withering. There is nothing worse then seeing your plants that took ages to plant, wither. 

3. Use plants of the same type. There are many reasons for doing this. The first is so that you don’t waste your garden space planting plants that are all different shapes and sizes. The second is that different types of plants take different amounts of time to grow. 

4. You will get 1 XP point for every plant you plant. If you want lots of XP try planting plants such as the white dancing daisy because they are very small. 

5. Take down your garden fence before you start to garden. It’s a lot easier to plant your bin garden with it down then up. And when you’ve finished planting your garden you can simply just drag it back in. 

6. Did you know that Bin Tycoons can buy 4 garden extensions at Clott’s Garden Plots on Tycoon Island? It may seem like a lot of mulch but you can plant more plants in a bigger garden and more plants means more mulch. 

7. Follow this guide to learn how to plant your garden and save lots of space. 

Start near the window on your nest. Slowly go around sticking near the edges with every plant you plant. 

Keep doing this row-by-row until you’ve filled up  your whole garden. 

Note: Left handers may find it easier planting right to left not left to right as we have in the pictures above. 

Growing Out Of Control

Are you really not interested in using your Bin Garden to earn mulch and XP? Don’t worry. I have a few tips to help your grow your garden Out Of Control! Check out the picture below to see what I mean. 

Warning: If you chose to grow like this, your garden will be VERY lagged and will often give you a headache if you stay there for a long period of time.

1. Chose plants that are on the bottom shelf. That way you won’t have to harvest them all the time. Or never if you want to display your garden.

2. Don’t fill up your garden completely. What if you earn a seed at Tink’s Tree that you really want to plant. You’ll have to throw some plants away.

3. Not just plants! Garden furniture makes a wonderful decoration to your Bin Garden. 

4. Not the same. If you have lots of room in your garden you ca take your furniture out and move all your plants around. 


2 Responses to Garden Guide

  1. chaniiia says:

    i saw this garden page on another website not judisues which was older then hers

  2. alfie says:

    this was verry usfel for my garden

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