Bin Pet

On this page, I will be telling you how to train your bin pet, I will also show you my bin pet’s progress. I hope this guide comes in handy!

Firstly, When Ever You Train your Bin Pet, Make Sure It’s Well Fed, and not tired. If your pet is tired or hungry it will be hard to train your pet!

Secondly, find a quiet place to train, not flum’s fountain because your bin pet will get distracted there. Maybe your nest, but if your bin pet keeps running out the doors, try somewhere like the smoothie shack. no one really goes there, therefore it’s nice and quiet!

Thirdly, remember to stroke your bin pet after EVERY (maybe even every 2) commands you tell it to do. Even if they didn’t do what you said.

Fourthly, BE PATIENT! Bin Pet’s are just like humans; It takes a while for them to learn things, just like it does with us.

The How To Guide:

Teaching Your Bin Pet To Run On It’s Tip Toes: Firstly, call your bin pet’s name, then stand on your tip toes. Keep doing it repeatedly until your bin pet walks on it’s toes, it also helps to tell your pet to ‘Come Here’ once it’s standing on it’s toes!

Please Note: once your bin pet knows how to run on it’s toes, it’s hard to keep up with your pet because your pet will be VERY fast!

More Tips Coming Soon


2 Responses to Bin Pet

  1. Jom says:

    Im trying to and he aint

  2. Anna says:

    I have been trying for ages and there arent any videos on youtube showing pets actually walking like this (:

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