Become a Tycoon This Weekend+ New Halloween nest Items+ Dosh!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Humph. Some happy news and some not. First Become a Tycoon this weekend and receive special Halloween gifts! Mwhaha.

Second, Head over to the shopping mall and weevil on in to the halloween pop up shop. You’ll find some brand new halloween items.

Third, DOSH! Grrr. Every single new Halloween item costs DOSH!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Editor’s note from  judisue:

There is actually one new Halloween item that doesn’t cost DOSH – A Green Slime Table!   Fortunately though, whilst the other new items will all cost you DOSH, they aren’t too terrifyingly expensive, so if you’ve been regularly receiving your Bin Tycoon DOSH salary, you should be able to buy the items you want!

Check out the new Halloween items prices, in the picture below:

Weevily World loves the Phantom Door Wall and Spooky Round window!

Images taken from Whats New Blog & screenshots.

This post was written originally for Weevily World by Tyana2005

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Hi! I'm the blogger behind Weevily World & you'll also find me on Social Media. Begun January '12, Weevily World needs less than 4,000 hits to reach one and a half million! Why not come and take a look for yourself?
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4 Responses to Become a Tycoon This Weekend+ New Halloween nest Items+ Dosh!

  1. judisue says:

    Hi Ty, left you a comment on T&D Gang. Jx

  2. judisue says:

    Ty, I’ve got the WPC covered but please can I have the review? Do you still get notified when you get a comment because it’s sometimes really hard to get in touch with you?

  3. To nominate this site or any other in the B.W.H.S awards 2012 then please click here:

    To enter then re blog the post.

    To enter the best weevil awards then go to the same link and simply like the post, then comment your weevils name!

  4. judisue says:

    Hi Tyana! We got our half a million views on Weevily World and I want to have the party at a time you can come. Please can you comment on WW the time spans in uk time when you will be able to be there? I’m going to be busy a lot of this weekend but I’ll put it off until next weekend if that’s what it takes to have you there.

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