Weevil Weekly Review Issue #150

Hello Bin Weevils!!!!

It’s the issue we have ALL been waiting for- the big, 150! Let’s get started!!

The cover page of this amazing issue looks like yet another one of Scribbles’ fantastic rooms! Way to go Scribbles!!



Pages 3 and 4: Scribbles mega-tastic rooms! 



Pages 5 & 6: Scribbles is thanking us for our support which helps him make his awesome magazines!




Pages 7 & 8: Scribbles Best Moments!
1. Weevil Weekly Issue #1
2. Monty and the Bin Weevils Mag
3. Having his face on the Trading Cards


Pages 9 & 10: Scribbles GREATEST moment was when he adopted his Bin Pet, Doodle.. Aww cute!



Pages 11 & 12: One of Scribbles’ fantastic rooms.


Pages 13 & 14: Nest Inspector is back! Get your nest coolness up to Celebrity and then go nuts taking pictures of your nest and sending them to the Nest Inspector! Don’t forget to read the latest issue of Best Nest at Weevil Post.



Pages 15, 16,17 & 18: Free nest item, much and XP codes! 
Nest Item: ww150poster15
XP: ww150xp3 
Mulch: ww150mulch13 


Pages 19 & 20: Sneak Peak at the new Fairy Tale Nest Items!


Pages 21- back page!



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All rights reserved by bin Weevils Ltd.

Images taken from Weevil Weekly.


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