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Hello Bin Weevils!

The front cover of Weevil Weekly, today, is of Scribbles’ doing the Lab Lockdown mission.


Pages 3 & 4: It’s the last week to enter Scribbles’ fan art competition! Get your coloured pens, and pencils out and get drawing!! 

Pages 5 & 6: Have you ever seen an aquarium in anyone’s nest? Wondering how to get it? Well invite a friend! Every time you invite a different friend, you get an extra item for your aquarium. Sweet!


Pages 7 & 8: SWS Emergency! When Scribbles was going to print his magazine he got a message from Gam. There is some major trouble there..


Pages 9 & 10: Exclusive pictures of the emergency. Eek!


Pages 11 & 12: Not an SWS agent yet?  Don’t worry! Just level up to level 3 and goto your nest and click the picture of Clott. You have to answer some questions first. 


Pages 13 & 14: Scribbles talks about all the new fairy tale items coming soon! 

Pages 15 & 16: Scribbles fairy tale room.


Pages 17 & 18: Woo-hoo! Some of the new fairy tale items aren’t pink and proxy! Check it out:


Pages 19 & 20: Weekend puzzle challenge prize preview. The prize is kind of like a jack in the box robot lol. Wait and see!


Page 21: 


Images taken from Weevil Weekly.

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