Hello Bin Weevils,

The cover of Weevil Weekly is a picture of a cool international and gymnastics room- unusual but awesome!


Pages 3-4: Are you low on mulch? Need a little bit more to buy your favourite thing? No need to worry! So.. how do you earn this mulch? Well, do you remember when the Kurio party came to the bin, when the Leap Frog Party came to the bin or when Monsuno came to the bin? Well, if you don’t: Monsuno is at the shopping mall, Kurio is at slam’s Party Box and Leap Frog is at Flem Manor. Head over to those places to play games and earn mulch!




Pages 5-6: Do you like free items? Well I do! Have you seen the Bin Pet Palace before? Well, if you have and you like it, I bet you’ll like the fantastic new Shiny Diamond Bin Pet Palace! Head over to your News Agents and buy yourself the official Bin Weevils Magazine #5 for an exclusive cool one use only code.


Pages 7-8: Are you a fan of Gong or the Olympics? I’m not sure if you are- but I am! Tycoons, head over to the Tycoon Shop on Tycoon Island to find some awesome Photo Studio items. Why not buy the podium that doesn’t have Gong on it if you want 3 weevils to have a turn. Then open your plaza and let some weevils have fun! The pictures your take will look fabulous in a Gym themed room. 



Page 9-10: These pages are a picture of Scribbles photo studio (an Olympic one of course!)



Pages 11-12: Do you like reading Weevil Weekly? It’s been going on for nearly 3 years now, can you believe that? Well believe it! And guess what, Scribbles is going to put some AWESOME codes for items and competitions in issue 150. 6 weeks away YIPPEE!!! 


Pages 13-14: People that have been playing Bin Weevils for a LONG time will remember the NEST_INSPECTOR… Aww.. we all miss the nest inspector and haven’t seen him for ages. But guess what, the Nest Inspector has been VERY busy creating an ultimate nest handbook. Changing the subject a bit.. ZOOM!!!!! Make sure you buy the newest issue of Zoom Kids tomorrow (27th July) for an awesome Flam poster. 



Pages 15-16: Have you got an awesome Gym Room that needs a little bit more colour? Well don’t worry. There are some awesome new mats coming out soon. They are multi-coloured so there will be one that suits your personality! 


Pages 17-18: Oh? It’s another picture! Check it out: (it’s Scribbles gym room)



Pages 19-20: Oh, do you remember when I was telling you all about the new mats? Well guess what? You can get a FREE one when you solve the weekend puzzle challenge. Make sure you check  Weevily World on Sunday for the answer on the weekend puzzle challenge. Changing subject, I hope you have the new Bin Weevils Magazine Issue 5 because this is a challenge you probably won’t want to miss! (Don’t worry if you don’t have the mag, when the quiz comes out we will post the answer) So what do you get? You get an AWESOME collectors plaque.




Page 21: The last page is Scribbles’ gym room…


Images taken from Weevil Weekly.

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