2 New Glitches!

How to get you bin pet on a chair:

Stand anywhere where you can put a chair. Tell you binpet to jump off, sit and stay. Then open your chest and put a chair on top of your pet. 


How to have wobbly legs:

Goto DIARY OF A WIMPY KID place and then go onto the diving board- before you get to the pool click the jump action and click the floor before you get to the floor click ‘home’ then click FLUMS FOUNTAIN you will walk like a crab and have wobbly legs.


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About Tyana2005

I'm a very curious person who loves writing, reading and math! I'm the blogger behind Bin Weevils United!
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One Response to 2 New Glitches!

  1. judisue says:

    Reblogged this on Weevily World and commented:
    I used the first glitch a few months ago to get a great picture of meg, asleep on one of the beds in my celebrity bedroom!
    I haven’t tried the second one yet though!

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