Wow! 22 levels in one day.

Does anyone know how this is possible? I’ve asked bear and I’m still waiting for an answer. I’ll update this post when I get one lol. Yesterday and the day before bear did goto his nest and was level 32 but- I checked my BFF news and check this out (from levelling up yesterday- he earned ALL the XP yesterday)




Well he could’ve harvested his garden but i don’t think it would’ve given him THAT much XP..

bear’s Garden

UPDATE!! Free items in tycoon shop- that’s how he got all the XP. (I’m doing it too) but I still earn mulch and XP from garden. Anyway, free items in tycoon shop.


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5 Responses to Wow! 22 levels in one day.

  1. yoshi6601 says:

    How do u get free items?

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