Review Of Weevil Weekly Issue #142

Hi, this is a review of the pages in Weevil Weekly Issue #142

The cover page has a picture of Scribbles in a medieval themed room.

Pages 3 and 4: New Weevil Wheels racing Tink and Clott toys that are available at Bin Mart.

Pages 5 and 6: Scribbles is showing us the amazing changes to Dirt Valley!

Pages 7 and 8: The construction site at Dirt Valley has turned into a Track Builder Garage! This new feature includes testing other peoples amazing tracks and building your own tracks. It’s a fabulous way to earn mulch and XP! 

Pages 9 and 10: Changing the subject to bin cards! Remember to stamp your bin card daily! There are great prizes to be won, like puzzle pieces, dish vouchers, mulch, rare seeds and a whole lot more! 

Pages 11 and 12: As you know there are some new cool medieval themed items out now in Bin Mart and Nestco! Scribbles says that you should try and mix other items with your medieval  themed items to create really cool rooms! Can you see the Bin pet totem poll statues in the picture below?

Pages 13, 14, 15 and 16: Take a look at 2 of Scribbles medieval themed rooms:

Pages 17 and 18: Weekend Puzzle Challenge, be sure to check back on this site on Sunday for the answer to the weekend puzzle challenge. The challenge rewards you with a cool poster of Zip and Ham. Also, head over to your local News Agents to buy yourself Bin Weevils magazine issue 6. Soon there will be a new Mag Pop Quiz to get you a poster of Posh’s new look!


Pages 19 and 20: Slime Time! There’s a new Slime Floor and Slime Ceiling at Nestco!  Why don’t you head on over and buy it? There’s is also a new code for a  cauldron filled with green goo. The code is: FRIDAY13TH

Page 21: The back cover is a picture of the Mulch Mayhem Party- now open for everyone!

Images are reproduced from Weevil Weekly.
All rights reserved by Bin Weevils Ltd.

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    Fantastic review Tyana – you have done Weevily World proud!!!

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    Great review Tyana!

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