Judisue and Weevily World

Hi Guys, as you all know, Weevily World inspired me to create my website! I’ve given Judisue one shield already, I’d like to give her another one!



About Tyana2005

I'm a very curious person who loves writing, reading and math! I'm the blogger behind Bin Weevils United!
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2 Responses to Judisue and Weevily World

  1. judisue says:

    Reblogged this on Weevily World and commented:
    Weevily World had another record breaking day on Sunday, so receiving this great shield from lovely Tyana is just wonderful! I am very proud to have inspired Tyana’s blog, so why not click the link and say hello to Tyana – from Weevily World!

  2. judisue says:

    Thank you Tyana, this is amazing! I’ve re-blogged this and your party too. xxx

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