My Holy Communion

Hi Guys, Some Of You May Know That On Sunday, 24th June 2012 I Will Be Making My 1st ‘Holy Communion.’ My class has been working very hard, to prepare to receive this sacrament. During this sacrament I will receive Jesus for the 1st time, through the bread, and the wine! Everyone in my class is very excited about receiving their ‘Holy Communion.’ I have drawn this drawing to give you an idea of the bread and the wine. Image

Here is a picture I drew of myself in my communion dress:


About Tyana2005

I'm a very curious person who loves writing, reading and math! I'm the blogger behind Bin Weevils United!
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7 Responses to My Holy Communion

  1. Mum says:

    I love you my gorgeous daughter.

    Love mum. Xcxxx

  2. tyana2005 says:

    My Mum is awesome 🙂

  3. mali2005 says:

    Hey Tyana!
    Aww that moment was so cute:)


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